Main Features of Vehicle Routing Add-On

  • Suitable for planning your daily vehicle routes

  • Find best routes based on fixed and variable costs

  • Reduce time and effort of human planners

  • Apply Here Maps and its routing options for road distances and travelling times based on traffic.

  • Handle multiple depots with up to one thousand orders

  • Consider capacity constraints and time windows

  • Import latitudes and longitudes from your KML files or geocoding

  • View locations and vehicle routes on a map

  • Can extend features e.g. skill, priority, and specific customization

Why Google Sheets?

  • Free and very easy web-based spreadsheet application

  • Secure authentication via your Google user accounts

  • Data is on your sides. The add-on will read and send a request to our solver server. You later fetch results to your Sheets.

  • Flexible to manipulate your own data with formulas

  • Integration with other Google products

Overall Process

  1. Log-in to your Google account and install our Add-on from this link. Note that Google Sheets add-ons can run via web browsers on "desktop computers" only. Please also read our privacy policy and terms of services here.

  2. Load our blank template or try our demos.

  3. Fill in latiudes and longitudes which necessary to determine road distances and durations between locations.

  4. Alternatively get location coordinates from KML files, address geocoding, or pinpointing on a map.

  5. Fill in other parameters in Location, Vehicle, Order Sheets.

  6. Set your access key, routing options and a maximum solving time.

  7. Send a solve vehicle route request. When the solving time less than 3 minutes, the add-on will try to automatically fetch a solution.

  8. For a long solving process, maually fetch your solution. Your result on our sever will be deleted after 24 hours.

  9. View your results in Route and Summary Sheets and on a map.



View, Move, Add or Delete Locations

Solve and Get Vehicle Routes

View Vehicle Routes

Solving a real-life case

Pricing and conditions

    • For standard users, each solving request has a certain limit e.g. 2 vehicles, 10 orders, and 5 solving requests/day.

    • For premium users, our standard license cost is 4.0 USD/vehicle/month. There are additional limits as follows

      • For each solving request, a number of orders should be less than 20 times a total number of vehicles, e.g. 5 vehicles and 100 orders.

      • There are at most 20 solving requests/day.

It is still better to inform us of your average usage demand, especially when having few orders, planning routes just once a week, or even solving a large case with more than 50 vehicles and 1,000 orders. We will try to adjust quota limits and propose price options accordingly.

To handle very special route contraints or implement extra functions, a development fee might be additionally proposed.

Anyway, we are very grateful to discuss your requirements, solve your challenging optimization problems, or get any feedback.

Please read our privacy policy and term of services.