Facility Station Planning

  • Select the best set of facility stations from all possible locations
  • Minimize overall budget cost
  • To meet requirements: population density, min/max distance between stations

Power Loss Minimization

  • Select phases of meters/single-line junctions connected in a 3-phase distribution of each transformer
  • Minimize electric power loss in a system and reduce %unbalance of currents
  • To meet load and phase types demand of users

Employee Scheduling

  • Assign employees to shifts
  • Balance a number of workdays and OT of all employees
  • To meet requirements: cover demand, required skills, min/max consecutive workdays, min/max total workdays, etc.

Machine Load Balancing

  • Allocate jobs to suitable machines
  • Balance machine work load, avoid buying a new machine
  • To meet requirements: job demands, machine eligibility