We provide consultancy and software applications related to planning, scheduling, and resource optimization. Your business can achieve more productivity like decreasing project duration, balancing workload of your staff, or minimizing your budget investment. We apply optimization techniques to help efficiently allocate resource according to real-life conditions. We have experience in various applications from logistics, production planning, or staff scheduling.

Especially, when your business frequently involves with planning activities or will deal with large investment, it should be valuable to apply customized planning software. Please feel free to contact us. We are motivated to be a part of your efficiency and success.

Common problems in resource planning

  • Complexity of real-life planning problems

  • Conflicts between resource and demand

  • Either low machine utilization or overload

  • Need of experienced planners

  • Off-the-shelf tools neglect side constraints

  • Trial-and-Error process

Benefits of customized planning software

  • Research on suitable solving technqiues

  • Efficient resource allocation

  • Less planning time

  • Systematic work process

  • Results satisfying all planning constraints

  • Seamless integration with other IT systems

Our service

  • Analyze your process and find out possibility of improvement

  • Develop a math model or a solving algorithm for your planning process

  • Evaluate solvers from open source to commercial software in term of cost and performance

  • Estimate return of investment or analyze trade-off between various business goals

  • Integrate with enterprise database and develop desktop or web applications

Our Products

About Us

Zagetdoo is a company in Bangkok, Thailand. We have experience in several optimization methods: mathematical programming, constraint programming, and local search. Various commercial solvers and modeling lanugages like IBM ILOG CPLEX, GAMS, Gurobi have been applied. We want to focus on our technical strength and work with business partners to enhance functionality of your software solutions. It is always our pleasure to discuss your planning problems. We hope to help you become more profitable.